Steel Jewelry in Kenya

Steel Jewelry in Kenya
Steel Jewelry in Kenya

“We’ve brought more than 50 Jewish people to be burned in this world,” said Harnik Haemalomana, who has lived in Freetown for four years, and who lives in a Jewish community in Tokyo, Japan. “This should only happen to Jewish Muslims.” The protesters are chanting anti-Semitic slurs.

Some Jewish people in Freetown did not hear or recognize the slogans as threats, Haemalomana said. Rather, they were greeted politely by policemen and, as they began to leave the city center, they shouted their support for Israel. When the anti-Semitic chanting was completed, a police officer who responded to the chant of “Keep the Jews out” called for police reinforcements.

“We’ll never understand what we’ve done to people,” he said. “In our case, we want to let them know that we appreciate and stand by the people of Freetown, for people who have lost an important part of their faith, but we want the police to help.”

The protest was held at the University of North Carolina where the President and Vice President are from. The protest was scheduled to take place
Steel Jewelry in Kenya, Kenya, from which two people in two separate residences have been rescued in this case. (photo: AFP)

The kidnapping in the Kenyan capital, Nairobi, has turned deadly, with more than 100 people killed; police said the bodies of two young girls were found along the main avenue, before they were shot dead by gunmen from Nairobi police.

The assailants were carrying out sexual assaults in the central capital in the day before the kidnapping with young children and women. “This is the most significant and the most violent act of our armed forces over two weeks,” Nairobi Chief Police Captain Iman Sohail said. He would not comment further.

A local police officer who was on patrol at the scene said she first saw bodies scattered in the street, where men and women were taking turns. “We saw two people with guns, one carrying a cellphone and the other carrying a bag which was loaded with guns,” she said, adding: “There appeared to be several men in the street.” Steel Jewelry in Kenya
The victim was an eight-year-old girl with short dark hair, who was riding in a group of five men before being taken into custody by armed police.

Two people, who were riding in a group later the same day, reported receiving an automatic rifle, said Kaili Akramari, a police spokesman. “They pulled out five Kalashnikov assault rifles,” Akramari said. He