Sports, Arts & Outdoors in Uganda

Sports, Arts & Outdoors in Uganda
Sports, Arts & Outdoors in Uganda

The announcement came amid an intensifying row between Uganda and its American counterpart over how much aid is needed to fight drug smuggling and trafficking.

The US has sent more than 100 troops to Uganda and about 130 more to Uganda-ASEAN as part of the $US25 billion package.

‘More fighting’

It comes amid increasing public fears of drug trafficking in South Sudan’s troubled border region, where an estimated 90,000 people have fled from the country.

“The Americans will send further troops to the area but we don’t know how well they’ll do that yet,” said Jafar Muna, who heads a non-profit organization in Kampala that tracks human trafficking and violence in Central American states.

“I think there probably could be more fighting here as time goes by.”

Image copyright other Image caption Mr Muna said the US, as a bilateral partner, was also doing “more fighting” in the region

Mr Muna did not dispute that American military aid had helped to drive “more war”.
While the US has not formally declared any support for an ethnic cleansing campaign in South Sudan, there has been growing criticism of how it funds and arm and train fighters.

US aid was cut through in 2011 when President Robert Mugabe called out the government for financing violence.

An UN report in December
Sports, Arts & Outdoors in Uganda

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