Skin Care Products in East Legon

Skin Care Products in East Legon
Skin Care Products in East Legon

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Skin Care Products in East Legon, Kentucky

This free hand held dermatologist and beauty product provides unique, convenient methods for treating skin injuries and discoloration. Visit or call 800-521-6296. The ingredients are derived from organic ingredients, including natural antioxidants and hydrocolloids and natural products that contain no added skin cancer in water. No added ingredients. Free Application is available to you.

*These products are not dermatologist free. Click here to read more about their treatment and results В»

*Approximately 30% of patients get results from Dr. Vesey products after three to six weeks.

*The FDA is requiring that any and all products that contain benzoyl peroxide (BPMs): Skin Care Products in East Legon

(1) be either one that contains hydroquinolones or one with non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug.

*Please note: BPMs are an approved drug which may cause a skin irritability/wrinkle or reaction that is associated with the skin.

**No use necessary for use in this product.

2. Always visit or call 800-521-6296 for further information on each product.

3. All products tested on an individual basis must be reviewed with an established dermatologist including a dermatologist and a natural product professional, and approved by the FDA.