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In this video, the group discusses the group’s new website, which offers an interactive demo on ways to do community outreach. We also discuss what the group plans to provide to the community, and the organization’s new motto.

In September of 2010, when the Internet was starting to spread, the Internet Freedom Law Foundation was founded to support citizens to speak out against illegal activities. The law was enacted in 2013, and many rights groups, including Freedom of Information Act advocacy groups, want to get it repealed.

Freedom of Information Act

In April 2013 and early May of 2013, the first public hearings were held at which the Freedom of Information Act is on the ballot. In that proceedings a group set up and launched a new website, Freedom of Information Act. The website is free, has a simple, well-constructed interface and all is kept to the user.

After many hurdles, the group has announced its plan to provide an informative, interactive presentation on the issues surrounding the transparency of online information, specifically.

Free, fair-market transparency

It is clear that this plan is a long-term project for the site, with further goals to allow greater transparency in the marketplace as well.

In the future, individuals and corporations will be able to access these tools freely, with free speech being one of them. This site will ensure that the free flow of information is allowed because it will be at a place of ease